Gypsum Underlayments

Within the last 10 years, Vee-Jay is proud to have become one of the leading contractors in the St. Louis area to provide Gypsum Underlayment for wood framed construction. Typically utilized in Multi-Residential construction, Gypsum Underlayment or Gypcrete is a self-leveling compound used for sound reduction, provide fire protection, and floor leveling applications. Gyp-Crete floors provide an acceptable surface for the installation of most flooring materials. Another product used in the underlayment process in conjunction with Gyp-Crete is a material known as Soundmatt. Soundmatt is a material placed between decking material and the gypsum underlayment to reduce the noise vibration between floors and is typically used on hard surfaces i.e. vinyl flooring, tile, etc. Vee-Jay is proud to have trained MAXXON™ Installers employed to ensure a quality installation of Gyp-Crete. With hundreds on Gyp-Crete pours in the books and product trained employees, you can be assured you will get a great product every time.

Celebrating 10 Years as a License Maxxon Applicator

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