Multi-Family Residential / Senior Living

Due to the current demographics of today’s population, the number of multi-family residential & senior living projects is on the rise. Something that is common with each of these projects is the varieties of designs based on the location or purpose. With such variety in these projects, budgeting is a very important process of the multiple design phases. Vee-Jay prides itself on working with the General Contractor through every bidding phase to provide detailed figures as possible. This helps the owner/developer in every phase to know what building materials would be best suited for the project budget and scope.

Multi-family and senior living is a good example of Vee-Jay’s multiple building practices because of the different designs that come with each construction. Building construction on these projects we’ve utilized but not limited to include traditional slab on grade, Post Tensioned Decking, Lightweight Concrete on Metal Decking, Structural Concrete Decks, & Gypsum Underlayment. With this extensive experience, you can feel confident in using Vee-Jay with your next development.