Parking Structures

More than other types of structures, parking decks/garages rely on concrete for both structural integrity and finished surfaces. Parking structures also present unique maintenance challenges due to increased exposure to the elements, temperature variations, chemical corrosion, and heavy vehicle traffic – the same conditions typically seen by highway surfaces and bridge decks. Vee-Jay specializes in the concrete parking structure construction services necessary to withstand such demanding conditions:

  • Post-tensioning
  • Precast Parking Structures
  • Concrete columns
  • Precast & prestressed walls & surface spans
  • Aesthetic finishing & fair-facing
  • Coatings

The service life of a parking structure can be significantly improved through proper maintenance. Parking structures need coatings for the same reasons other kinds of buildings do—to protect against moisture. Coatings are also used to improve appearance, durability, light reflection, and even resistance to graffiti. Vee-Jay has extensive experience in the maintenance, repair and restoration of parking structures. We can complete projects efficiently with minimal impact to the parking customer.