Recreational Facilities / Post-Tension Sport Courts

A Vee-Jay division that has seen large growth in the last 15 years is the Post-tensioned (PT) tennis and recreational courts. PT Recreation courts are different from any other court systems (plexipave, clay, asphalt, etc.) is the limited amount of maintenance needed throughout the lifespan of the product. The building of PT courts is a process that involves laying out high-stress cables and pouring your court surface, encapsulating the cables in the concrete. Once the slab has reached the necessary strength, the cables are then stressed by pulling the live cable ends; this action pulls the concrete together creating a seamless crack free surface. By pulling the concrete together, the owner is given a flat and level that will never diminish throughout the lifespan of the product. This takes out the maintenance needed to level a clay court or the constant milling and resurfacing needed for asphalt courts. When completing projects of this nature, we at Vee-Jay pride ourselves on working very closely with local fencing and striping contractors creating a turnkey project for the owner. Vee-Jay recreational court division has completed multiple tennis courts, basketball courts, and skating rinks. Vee-Jay builds all recreational courts within the guidelines set forth by ASBA (American Sports Builders Association). Along with the ASBA, Vee-Jay is also a proud member of PTI (Post tensioned institute) and has multiple employees qualified to layout and stress the high tensioned cables. PT Courts are unique in the fact they can be used in a new construction setting or be put directly on an existing asphalt court. A few of our many projects can be seen at:

  • Tower Grove (Both Court Batteries)
  • Kaufmann tennis Courts (overlay)
  • Pioneer Park Tennis Courts (overlay)
  • Blackjack Park Basketball Court (Overlay)
  • Lincoln Park Tennis Courts (In Progress)(overlay)
  • Loretta Hall Park (PT Skating Rink)(New)
  • Fairgrounds Park ( PT Skating Rink)(Overlay)